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Essay from a Patriot
We Lynched Lady Liberty

He Says We're Good Little Patriots


Sergei Borglum Hoff

(Former peace officer and sculptor)

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

 "A monument's dimensions should be determined by the importance to civilization of the events commemorated... Let us place there carved high, as close to heaven as we can... our leaders, their faces, to show posterity what manner of men they were. Then breathe a prayer that these records will endure until the wind and the rain alone shall wear them away."__Gutzon Borglum, sculptor of Mount Rushmore National Memorial [1930]
From boyhood, I have been guided by the knowledge that my ancestors were liberty_committed_patriots who successfully challenged King George the Third during the war for American independence. Family journals reveal that in the year of 1867, my pioneering great_grandparents adventured across the prairies and mountains by covered wagon and were instrumental in taming the American frontier. Despite formidable backwoods challenges, they persevered and openhandedly assisted their homesteading neighbors, further contributing to the prosperity and wholesomeness of our promising land. Among their many achievements and patriotic commitments, including participation in every American war, they created twenty national and state memorials in celebration of freedom and our courageous leaders. I have an unwavering loyalty to my family and the nation that they loved. My roots run deep, and will never be removed. Millions of citizens can rightfully speak with pride in recognition of their American heritage. I will be pleased if they do step forward, further heralding the virtuous intent and patriotic fortitude of their forbearers.

"Putting people first has always been America's secret weapon. It's the way we've kept the spirit of our revolutions alive__a spirit that drives us to dream and dare, and take great risks for a greater good."__Ronald Reagan
In 1987, as a sculptor and grandnephew of Gutzon Borglum, I presented President Ronald Reagan with a bronze sculpture of Gutzon. During our conversation, the President spoke with familiarity regarding Gutzon's sculpture, steadfast manner, and his timeless gift to the people of America. The inspiring patriotic significance of Mount Rushmore and our ongoing struggle for liberty that this enduring Monument further represents were mutually remembered. Having observed his forthright approach and other sincere attributes of this revered President, noble qualities also exhibited by Mr. Borglum, I believe that both patriots were honored by this presentation. Their dedication to national excellence, justice, and our traditional American values cannot be ignored.
Honor the Genuine American Patriot

My next statement is one of respect for those few politically enlightened men and women who are further trustworthy and liberty_committed. Contrary to the commonly held notion, acts of bravery are not limited to those Americans within the public safety professions. While their efforts are meritorious and command nationwide gratitude, other heroes live and work in our midst, with the further intent of restoring integrity to our Constitutional Republic. Such individuals are well aware of the message that I am about to deliver. These honorable citizens are confident and courageous enough to present the truth without any prompting from me. Their voices will never be stilled, or patriotic endeavors defeated. Yet, their sincerity of purpose and words of wisdom are seldom remembered and at no time applauded. Unlike the submissive majority, these genuine patriots are representative of our founding intent, sovereign dignity, and national strength. For them, enslavement by our government will never be an acceptable condition of life. They will remain free, or perish. If we are truly concerned Americans with national pride and clear conscience, then how can we not appreciate the value of their courageous efforts, and further honor such commitments to freedom and human rights? Ashamedly, we do not.
Their Life Threatening Betrayals Draw Unnatural Responses
"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."__Thomas Jefferson

Seldom are there more disturbing patriotic obligations than challenging acts of betrayal by our leaders and other public servants. This is particularly true when such perfidious and life threatening deeds draw unnatural responses of either praise or timidity from the injured citizenry. Given the sweeping abnormality of the people's behavior and magnitude of federal interference within our daily lives, concerned yet lesser persistent defenders of our founding principles will despairingly and wrongly conclude that it is now time to surrender their freedoms. As for my ingrained response, I refuse to fearfully sit in this stinking puddle of national humiliation, and be browbeaten by bureaucratic hoodlums with titles that suggest honorable intent. As a sovereign American citizen my stance was foreordained; I shall never yield. Memories of my meeting with this courageous presidential defender of freedom and the very real dangers now facing our children demand that I put forth this challenge. The unjustified accusatory tone of the citizenry further necessitates that I present notable family history, along with a few personal experiences, as a foundation for my intentions and opinions. Upon reading the next several lines, many individuals__not giving the personal and national ramifications of our constitutional crisis adequate thought__will label me un_American or unpatriotic for publicly expressing my unpopular views. A small number of loyal, resolute, and knowledgeable Americans that speak in a similar vein are now under condemnation by the unenlightened masses, and two masterful weavers of disinformation: government propagandists and the mainstream news media. They have indeed spun a lengthy mythical yarn.

Fear and Widespread Denial

 Having been reared by Gutzon Borglum's sister__my grandmother__I benefited from her wisdom and intimate understanding of Gutzon's social and political ideals, unfaltering character, and patriotic resolve. With confidence, I can state that my granduncle would be outraged by the debilitating socialistic atmosphere within our nation, and the unscrupulous propensities of those leaders now seated in office. With the same passion as his personal friend Theodore Roosevelt, Mr. Borglum would thunderously condemn this calamitous "USA Patriot Act" as treasonous legislation, defying the Constitution and Bill of Rights, authored and enforced by cowardly elected and appointed scoundrels. Further noting the people's fear of sacrifice, their denial of accountability, the thoughtless renunciation of our founding principles, and the fatuous predilections of an intellectually and culturally dormant populace, the corruptibility of America has become a demoralizing reality for our children. If living today, I sincerely doubt that Gutzon Borglum could muster the inspiration needed to create Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Nevertheless, he would be prepared for battle.

 A number of readers will ask__with a seemingly justified posture of indignation__by what right does this unfamed meddlesome person reproach fellow Americans, and renounce a government that was established by the will of the people? Despite the inevitable calls for censure, I now accept that it is my duty__a responsibility of every loyal American__to contribute towards the transformation of fear and widespread denial, into proficient patriotic activism. On several occasions  I have condemned the actions of politicians and other government officials, but until now, have never publicly rebuked the irrational intent or the irresponsible detachment of the people. In view of the unnecessary dangers that we must all now face as a result of our most recent childish behavior, I was remiss in my responsibility to this troubled nation. Never again!

 For the resolved men and women who are angered by the theft of their fundamental rights, my message will deliver more than a little advantage. Those people of a well_meaning nature yet somewhat fearful and clearly misinformed, significant attention is also directed towards their inner struggles. For the others who are content with the social engineering of their lives by an oppressive nanny_state, they will not benefit from reading further. Because of an inability to accept responsibility for their lives, these paragons of docility have by now, bleated their way into the flock, shepherded towards the precipice. Unless their grazing meadows of sweet_grass wither, they will not stray.

"The idea is quite unfounded that on entering into society we give up any natural right."__Thomas Jefferson to Francis Gilmer, [1816]

We wisely rebuff conspiracy theories of a delusional nature. Yet, our frequent denials of reliable, observable evidence are as detrimental as paranoia. As imperiled citizens of  a troubled nation, our fear and escapist denials will lead to disaster. Our government, which was in fact established by the will of the people, is wantonly disregarding the liberties of its masters, making it imperative that we all speak out loudly and demand constitutional remedies. Under the misdirection of rebellious politicians, this wayward government has the audacity to challenge the Constitution and our authority. Government has perpetrated far more damaging assaults on human rights and national dignity than Middle Eastern terrorists could ever hope to achieve. Truthfully, this is a treacherous juncture for us all. We are now witnessing the deaths of courage, human rights, and dignity within our nation. Sovereign citizens are under attack by terrorists, the United Nations, Socialists, gun_ban_zealots, federal police invasion forces, and a multitude of faithless public servants. Have we a rational plan of defense for our families? No! Instead, we witlessly scurry about in a mob, frantically waving Old Glory with one hand and tossing confetti from the other, while cheering the lynching of Lady Liberty, along with our children's unalienable rights. All of which, genuine American patriots by the hundreds of thousands sacrificed their lives in order to preserve. Yes! I am bloody outraged over the cowardly betrayals by our public servants but equally disgusted with the escapist Mardi_Gras revelry of my fellow Americans. Through fear, widespread denial, and escapism, if we permit this mighty land of the free to wither into a dysfunctional home of the oppressed, our brave and noble fathers will have fought and died in vain.

These vital questions must be addressed: Do we desire to be cradled, and then carried throughout life to our graves by this partisan propelled, bureaucratic monstrosity? With two centuries behind us as individuals of sovereign dignity, are we now so terrified, bewildered, and impotent that our main purpose is to seek asylum from the potential hazards of freedom? Have we no faith in our natural strengths and abilities? Do we no longer sense the invigorating American blood of liberty rushing through our veins? Do we not owe the same constitutionally guaranteed freedoms to our children and theirs? A few veteran defenders have begun to ask; are we now an emasculated nation of cowards and unworthy of retaining our liberties?

 The strategy of gentle persuasion has been a miserable failure. If, in the defense of our founding principles and human rights, I also manage to shame quasi and pseudo_patriots, an unpleasant yet needed victory will be declared. For possible consolation, these bruised egos can loosely relate such unflattering results to my expression of "Tough Love." Admittedly, I have a tendency to become a bit insensitive while addressing life threatening betrayals, police state atrocities, and victim disarmament. While I am desirous of mending this tiny personality flaw, I cannot find convincing reasons to retract one damn word. And, I have no intention of suffering pangs of guilt. My conscience compels me to venture out, and publish this challenge along with a truthful and sobering "State of the Union" address. I have never aspired to become a White House speechwriter, politician, or mainstream political columnist. Hence, the misinformed citizenry has the opportunity to learn something of value, which would otherwise not be available through some bureaucratically programmed toady. I can promise the minority of Americans who prefer to function in a world of reality that my priorities, observations, countermeasures, and predictions, are not in any manner similar to those embraced by President Bush, other lesser statesmen, or the government dominated Socialist media. For the attainment of this goal, every step will be taken to avoid the disorienting, enfeebling, and feminizing amenities of political correctness. Be grateful for this first and last tidbit of comforting news. Those Americans of brittle disposition might do well by awaiting a ride on the next emotionally indulgent transport; this one is scheduled nonstop over rocky roads. As a result of our newfound, government and media directed purpose for living, with most everyone busily jostling to appear a wee bit more patriotic than their neighbor, it is doubtful that this writing will stir national support, or win many friendships. Even without government and media praise for my patriotic worth, I remain confident that attentive readers will be influenced. I can only chance that such influence does not prompt the acquisition of tar and feathers. When it comes down to the stability of our Republic, family welfare, and the defense of my liberties, I am not the meek or apologetic little lad with a plan of retreat. Here I stand!

Browbeaten Masters and Tyrannical Servants

"[It is] the people, to whom all authority belongs."__Thomas Jefferson to Spencer Roane, [1821]

 Big brothers often display loyalty and a benevolent nature, provide sound leadership, and offer wisdom when most needed. And, George Orwell's representation of "Big Brother" appears to lack the intensity of our perverse sibling. Indeed, our ethically challenged bureaucratic boy has further degenerated into a ruinous and treacherous Bully_Brother. Along with other Socialists, perhaps the feminist defenders of officialdom (NOW)__our goddesses of perpetual victimization__will feel more than amply repressed if they equate tyrannical government with a stay_at_home Evangelical_Mom. In either case, it is important that we all understand the seriousness of our problem. Regardless of the labels used, the fact remains that we__a nation of sovereign individuals__are in Big Trouble.

"You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments; rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the Great Legislator of the Universe."__John Adams

Not the powers of the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, Unites States Constitution, or Bill of Rights include the authority to either confer or negate human rights. Fundamental rights are inherent throughout humanity and endowed by an omnipotent force, far superior in creativity and wisdom than mankind. Concerning the treatment of lawful individuals, a legally defensible authority to encroach upon the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, does not exist in the United States. Whether or not foreign governments dishonor and violate the unalienable rights of their citizens is a subject for discussion elsewhere. We have enough on our own platter to digest. The intent of the Bill of Rights is to protect human rights from the abuses of our government, including the courts.

"Yet arguing that the words of the Constitution have no fixed meaning is tantamount to arguing that we have no Constitution; a Constitution serves no purpose if the branches of government it is supposed to limit can define their own powers."__W. James Antle III

The constitutionally decreed separation of powers__equally divided between three branches of government__for the purposes of enforcing our founding intent and uniform justice, is nonexistent. The separation of these distinct and well_defined powers remains as mere symbolism of the past, serving only to deceptively reassure the unwitting masses. Today, we seldom hear of a Judicial branch ruling that is in opposition to the Executive or Legislative branches, in accordance with the Constitution, and in favor of the people. As a result of all governmental branches refusing obedience to constitutional law, our system of checks and balances__originating from the genius of the Founding Fathers__has been abolished. Through the finalizing machinations of George Bush__accelerated by the events of September 11th__the Executive branch is now the dominant force within government. Consequently, the people are left without adequate protections from abusive federal officials. Additionally: The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches stand guard for one another against the people's outcries for justice. For the most part, this conspiratorial usurpation of our authority over government has been a silent and gradual process yet ruthless and nearly complete.

The Constitution is the founding and preserving law of the Unites States; it supports the people and restricts government. If government refuses to abide by the restrictions and laws of the Constitution, its legitimacy ceases. And, the people are not obligated to be governed by an illegitimate authority. Today__without hesitation__our government officials subvert constitutional law. It is politically expedient for them to do so. As a minority of informed and resolute individuals, it remains our patriotic duty to prevent the destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, by both the unenlightened masses and bureaucratic cowards. This is not a call for the overthrow of government. In truth, the Socialists and rebellious politicians have already done so. That is the problem. Our crucial task is to restore constitutional government to the original state intended by our Founding Fathers. Judiciously authored law is necessary for the preservation of any nation. Our Constitution, united with the Bill of Rights, is such a law.

"To educate a man in mind, and not in morals, is to educate a menace to society."__Theodore Roosevelt

The President is the elected chief executive and law enforcement official of this nation. It is his duty to ensure that all constitutionally supported federal laws are justly enforced.  While his responsibilities are momentous and may appear majestic, he is not a king, emperor, or some other monarch. His powers are limited by the Constitution and granted only with the authority of the people. He does not enjoy a divine right to rule. The President is compelled to obey the same laws as we. And, he is answerable to the people. George Bush is an American public servant. Two of his primary duties in office are to defend and enforce the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. Lesser commitments are unacceptable to all thinking Americans.

During the President's inauguration__not unlike millions of other concerned citizens__I enjoyed a brief moment of anticipation. Although my optimism lacked a stable foundation, I envisioned that the integrity of our Constitutional Republic would eventually be restored. Because it was my desire for our next President to possess noble attributes, I foolishly accepted him as a man of prudence and virtuous intent. I welcomed his apparent contrast to the former White House poll_jockey and searched for further reasons to support his presidency. I convinced myself of his suitability for office. My response to his election was such, that I wrote the President a letter of congratulations, recommendations, and hopes for the future of our sovereign nation.

George Bush opportunistically proclaimed himself to be a "born_again Christian Republican." As a result of this miraculous primetime revelation, he was granted the Imperial Crown by his apostles, assuring blind obedience from the enraptured disciples within their neoconservative flock. For the unquestioning devotees of this Oval Office prophet (Messiah?), his campaign_trail_testimony is indisputable evidence of veracity, loyalty, and wisdom. For the veteran defenders of  liberty and self_governance, it is not. With vigilance and the presence of reason, those genuine patriots of a wise and healthy "doubting Thomas" nature have instead witnessed the President embrace several subversive policies, further revealing his contempt for the doctrines of our Founding Fathers. And that, my fellow Americans, is a factual and useful revelation.

"Man is not free unless government is limited . as government expands, liberty contracts."__Ronald Reagan

 If, our President decides to become a steadfast defender of constitutional law, I will enthusiastically support him all the way. Tragically for us all, such a transformation of character and willing reevaluation of his ill_conceived policies appear less likely by the day. Despite the cheers of euphoria from the national audience, his amplified words of "protecting our freedoms, defending the Bill of Rights, equal justice, rule of law, personal responsibility, limited government, and necessary security measures," typify political trumpery at best. At worst, they are the reassurances of a Judas. In opposition to the emotionally animated and nationally fashionable praise for this President, I shall moreover submit that he has done nothing to downsize and cleanse our polluted government. Under his watch, government continues to balloon, and justice aimed towards rogue federal agents and the perfidious Clinton administration is further denied the people. Of supreme importance, violations of human rights have intensified. Regardless of a few seemingly beneficial offerings__for the titillation of the masses__there is no evidence of a relationship between this President's spoken  defense of the Constitution and his actions. Contrary to his well_publicized reassurances of government creditability, his manifestations are the completing steps of cronyism, totalitarianism, imperialism, and degenerative Socialism. It requires intellectual honesty and strength of character in order to be faithful to the people and Constitution. Our Constitution needs to be defended and revitalized, not diluted by a fountain of unconstitutional legislation, an outpouring of enfeebling socialistic programs, a violent flow of meddling federal police agencies, a flood of self_destructive foreign policies, and a torrent of sovereignty subversive United Nations treaties. Politically thrilling it all may be for our President, but his frequent minuets with Socialist senators, endless warmongering orations, and farcically scripted cowboy_machismo, are unreliable strategies for the defense of our Constitution. I cannot speak for everyone, but eight years of the Clinton duet quenched my thirst for diversions and showmanship.

As recently evidenced by the vigilant and justifiably defensive minority, the President's concern for the ethical enforcement of the Constitution and Bill of Rights is dangerously lacking. While over fifty_percent of pilots are unwilling to be armed, his refusal to permit the arming of trained civilians__the constitutionally recognized militia__places every passenger in needless danger. Instead of adopting this logical alternative to terrorist hijackings, his preference is to shoot down commercial airlines and slaughter hundreds of American citizens through the use NATO and U. S. military fighters. The President is playing Russian_Roulette with the lives of our families. His decision is the ultimate of either betrayal or foolery. The President is also prepared to undermine the 124_year old "Posse Comitatus Act," thereby commissioning U. S. soldiers with the authority to arrest or fire upon American civilians at the discretion of the elite. This is intolerable! A president who is loyal to the Constitution and morally mature would instead, demand a well_armed citizenry for the purposes of preventing tyranny, personal defense, and "Homeland" security. In addition to the aforementioned, requesting NATO to patrol U.S. airspace, which is a breach of our national borders by foreign military powers, come to mind for starters. Holding firm to his practice of ignoring the Constitution and campaign promises, the President has placed U. S. troops under the jurisdiction of a United Nations commander by the name of Major General Kazi Ashfaq Ahamed. Upon taking the unconstitutional oath of allegiance to the United Nations, our troops will be ordered by this foreign military officer to assist cease_fire operations in the Republic of Georgia. During his campaign for the presidency, George Bush stated with a believable ring, "I will never place U.S. troops under United Nations command." Despite sound advice and frequent warnings to the President and Congress that we must terminate our participation in these unconstitutional alliances, we remain in extreme peril of loosing individual liberties and national sovereignty to the whims of NATO and the United Nations. His further signing of the "Campaign Reform Bill," is sound evidence that this leader lacks loyalty to the people and moral courage. By his own admission, there are unconstitutional aspects to this legislation, and yet he proceeded to subvert constitutional law with his endorsement of this outlaw congressional action. As witnessed by millions of Americans, he pledged to defend the Constitution, but on several occasions has clearly done otherwise. His defiant refusal to uphold the Constitution on the grounds of political expediency or for any other reason must never be tolerated by a conscientious and sovereign people. Never! Such blatant violations of the Constitution are impeachable offences. And, if the powers of our Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches were separate and of an ethical nature, George Bush would be removed from office along with others of his scheme. Indeed, our President's wasteful Socialist programs, ruinous policies, faltering loyalties, and dubious values are unacceptable to this thinking American. This President has not stopped nor even impeded our descent into the cesspool of Socialism. He has dropped us into a bloody free_fall!

As heralded by the dramatized national news media: "The President recently made an historic visit to Mount Rushmore National Memorial." It was evident that the purpose for this visit was to attain unthinking support for his "New World Order" aggression policies and Bully_Brother suppression of our freedoms. Ideally for the President, his sales pitch was made under the approving gaze of four revered presidents. With illusion as the predetermined effect from the President's dynamic performance, the enthralled onlookers were further entertained by his receipt of posthumous support from our sculpted august leaders. This visit was indeed "historic," as it is the only time that a president defiled the stately significance of our National Shrine for partisan advantage. With patriotic and family concern for the preserved dignity of this beloved Memorial, I condemn his carnival_barker gimmicks. I share in my granduncle's judgment of our bygone leaders, and honor the "manner of men they were." I am certain that Gutzon Borglum would concur with my findings: The moral immaturity of our present leader is a perilous failing and a further insult to the celebrated virtues of our Founding Fathers.

"Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the President or any other public official save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country. In either event, it is unpatriotic not to tell the truth__whether about the President or anyone else."__Theodore Roosevelt

People! The President cannot deliver us from worldly evils, or grant our American Dream. We must get a grip on reason, and quickly detour from this perilous "yellow brick road" of unreality. If we continue to deny the unmistakable evidence of his results and further trust that blindly following a leader or political party are the qualifying traits of an All_American Patriot, then our predicament is indeed dire. Our homage to this presidential "Wizard of Oz" will result in the losses of honor, liberty, individualism, and patriotic fortitude. Plainly, this pretender is no champion for this nation or our children.

The conservative agenda has been bastardized. However, George Bush is not the only person deserving of censure for creating this corruptible Republican platform. Furthermore, every culprit that is responsible for the destruction of our Bill of Rights must be unmasked. In varying degrees, politicians and citizens are culpable for the decay of our freedoms and national virtues. My disappointment with our President's dangerous and unconstitutional stance must now be apparent to the reader. Yet, I am surely guilty of both unreasoned optimism and irresponsibly compromising my personal standards. My vision for a revitalized constitutional America was an inspiring dream, but reality always awakens me. By supporting politicians with inferior moral standards, we devalue ourselves, the lives of our children, and the heroes who died for our freedoms.

 "No government can continue good, but under the control of the people."__Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, [1819]

 We are the animating force of government. Our government is not deserving of credit for creating this great and prosperous nation. Government is a faceless and indifferent machine that has both positive and negative qualities. Depending upon our wise or childish judgment, it is capable of good or ill. It has no human or divine rights whatsoever. And, it is not this nation. We the people are this nation; government is the medium through which we exercise our constitutional authority. It can be a dangerous and unreliable engine that must be closely monitored by the people. Because of our penchant for wanting more and more of everything that seemingly lessens life's burdens, we have failed in our responsibilities as citizens and parents to ensure that this machine remains within the guidelines of its constitutional design. It has now grown to such proportions, making it uncontrollable and an increasingly demoralizing influence. My loyalties are reserved for family, the genuine patriots of this nation, and the United States Constitution. Never government!  

"Government is not reason. Government is not eloquence. It is force. And, like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."__George Washington

It is especially difficult for persons with sound libertarian or constitutionalist principles to witness fellow Americans mindlessly idolizing government. Expressing faith in a divine intelligence might fulfill spiritual or a few emotional needs. I will immediately spare the reader from my ignorance of this subject by assigning such possibilities to the clergy and psychologists for debate. What I can state with absolute certainty is that honoring government with the same intensity of devotion always leads to catastrophic consequences (i.e. Nazi Germany, Communist China, and Soviet Russia).

The betrayals exposed by the September 11th events have compounded tenfold with the subsequent enactment of the "USA Patriot Act" and the establishment of a "Department of Homeland Security." Unless state and local community governments unite and adopt a stance of resistance, the grievous effects of this treasonous "Act" and its predatory  police state "Department" will be endured by our children forever. Politicians have exploited national anxiety as a weapon to be used in their war on our Bill of Rights, erroneously perceived as a war that is "limited" to fighting terrorism. The strategies and limitations of this "war on terrorism" remain unclear. We do not know where it will end or when. Resulting from suspect Cabinet advice, misplaced trust, and fear, the President__not content with dishonoring the rights of Americans__has invaded a sovereign nation and slaughtered innocent men, women, and children. According to the President, there are "60 or more" nations that provide sanctuary for their terrorist inhabitants. With dubious evidence being adequate for the consoling rationalization of our government's imperialist aggression, where will George Bush draw the line? This war is no more "limited" to fighting terrorism than I am to eating turnip everyday for my entire life. This cleverly dramatized "war on terrorism"__truly a perpetual war of "New World Order" Socialist domination__has given public servants the opportunity to further molest the unalienable rights of their trusting or browbeaten masters. Rejecting our intellectual capacity for reason and wisdom, we are insanely committing national suicide by following this out of control government, propelled by tyrannical servants. Expressing faith in George Bush and his injudicious Cabinet is certainly no indication of intellectual brilliance. Nor will such trust in government ever soar to the heights of commonsense.


Fourth Amendment: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

Fifth Amendment: "No person shall be held to answer for a capitol, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb, nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation."

Sixth Amendment: "In all criminal prosecution, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed; which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense."

"Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un_American act that could easily defeat us."__William O. Douglas

 My enthusiasm is lacking for this police_state_patriotism that John Ashcroft so eagerly prescribed for the masses. Indeed, I am repelled by what he perceives to be desirable patriotic expression. His most recent "phantoms of lost liberties" rebuke will not ease the pain of his Bully_Brother tactics. In testimony given before the Senate Judiciary Committee, our Attorney General, the archetype of sanctimoniousness, dared to insinuate that those people failing to enthusiastically embrace his "Homeland" security tactics are unpatriotic and enablers of terrorism. What balderdash! What impudence! What treachery!

The measure of arrogance in the testimony of this neo_Pharisee was that of a self_absorbed man, zealously dispensing autographed copies of His Bible. Rest assured! Lady Justice dared not expose her ample breasts at this pious gathering of the elite. In fairness to General Ashcroft, I must admit that the only inspiration Janet Reno received from Lady Justice was a desire for implants. The drivel emanating freely from his Senate inquisitors and the stomach_churning hypocrisy of their prey, gave cause to reach for the handy vomit pail. Thinking Americans quickly learn to prepare for such eventualities when witnessing congressional hearings on C_SPAN. There was absolutely no possibility of revealing his self_aggrandizing motivations at this spineless investigative hearing. The odds were the same against Bill Clinton and his cattle futures queen ever facing justice.

Formerly a staunch supporter of John Ashcroft__leaving aside his alleged pro_Second Amendment stance__I must now denounce his demigod aspirations. Never hesitating to let the people know of his outrage over this, or about that, will he now seek vengeance on those unrepentant souls who persist in challenging his tactics? What lengths will he go to express his displeasure under the preposterous claim of defending our freedoms? Are they to be blacklisted as terrorist sympathizers or traitors? Will their telephones and computers be wiretapped? Can we expect their bank accounts to be forfeited, or homes ransacked without court ordered warrants supported by probable cause and sworn affidavits? Are the harassment tactics of IRS audits in the offing? Will it be a secretive home or office invasion, a knock on the door, or the favored battering_ram incursion? Will false evidence be planted? How many upright reputations and innocent lives will be destroyed? Who will become his next "person of interest"? Because of love for my country and standing in defense of human rights, will I suffer the pain of his wrath? Or, will you?

Recently, the Attorney General publicly advocated the use of detention camps for U. S. citizens suspected as having terrorist associations. John Ashcroft has already demonstrated to the people of this nation that little evidence is required prior to incarceration. If I am not mistaken, Heinrich Himmler originally intended his camps to be used for political nonconformists, and others suspected as enemies of the German "Fatherland." Does it not gnaw on your sense of security to know that the Attorney General and President can condemn__through an unconstitutionally clandestine "committee"__any citizen as an "enemy combatant" of the American "Homeland"?

This unfortunate citizen__possibly you or a member of your family__could further be stripped of citizenship and imprisoned for an indefinite period at an undisclosed location. All of which will be accomplished without ethical judicial oversight or Forth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment protections.

Except for declarations of war, martial law, or insurrections, habeas corpus__the people's protection against illegal imprisonment__cannot be suspended. And, if government nullifies any of the twenty_six Amendments (18th repealed by the 21st) or Articles of the Constitution, it has then lost its constitutional foundations; consequently, bureaucratic legitimacy is ended, and all authority forfeited. John Ashcroft's abuse of power is too obvious to be ignored. Please do not jeopardize family welfare by naively assuming that such miscarriages of justice and acts of tyranny cannot occur on U. S. soil. Like myself, awaken to reality. They have begun!   

Unlike our government's inability to connect the dots of evidence pertaining to the September 11th terrorist attacks, are these dots of tyrannical behavior beginning to connect for you? Many loyal Americans are now vulnerable to all such governmental abuses as a consequence of this deceptively labeled "USA Patriot Act." Are John Ashcroft's assurances of protected human rights, enough for you? His unenforceable personal promises bring me no relief, and certainly do not enhance my confidence in his roguish or bumbling federal police force raiders. If not held in check by the people, this contemptuous public servant will have all the might of this bureaucracy__including its weaponry__to bring only misery to those possessors of courage and dignity that hazard to speak the unpopular and denied truth. Bravely dismissing their fear of government, these concerned, informed, and outspoken patriots are the unimpeachable champions of our nation. Not he!

Unlike General Ashcroft, sincere patriots of America will never infringe upon the unalienable rights of others, for any reason. By what constitutional or moral authority does he do so? Is it now his contention that the destruction the Bill of Rights is acceptable collateral damage in the government's war on terrorism? His recent breach of the barriers set forth in the peremptory Bill of Rights has destroyed his creditability as a defender of justice and the Constitution. He has betrayed the principles of a free nation. Contrary to his nationally applauded position, no situation (terrorism, world war, natural disasters, etc.) can ever be so grave as to justify any encroachments on the Bill of Rights. A war that is focused on fighting terrorism, perpetrated within the borders of this nation or against constitutionally supported United States interests, is always justified but never the intentional or careless destruction of our Constitution.

 "Is life so dear or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"__Patrick Henry [March 23, 1775]

I shall never capitulate to Osama bin Laden or John Ashcroft with his enforced police_state_patriotism. Both adversaries of liberty invade our lives with their own measure of misery and tyranny. If we are to survive as a free America, the citizenry must shed this emasculating yoke of national fear, and resist General Ashcroft's unconstitutional raids on our unalienable rights. His words and actions are un_American, having no correspondence with our founding principles. They are ruthless assaults on the American people, and carry the potential of inciting violent national rebellion. This must never occur! As a constitutionally recognized citizen defender of  our nation and in accordance with my patriotic heritage, I hereby publicly condemn his fascistic, predatory tactics. John Ashcroft is an unrestrained public servant; he must become our "person of interest" for the purposes of self_defense, preservation of our liberties, his impeachment, and well_deserved criminal prosecution.

Some Serious Down_Home Articulating

Greenhorns take care!

Belly_up ta the bar, boys, I gota a yarn fulla calamities ta spin. While a festerin over coveted Afghan an Iraqi oil or maybe a broncobustin day on the range, our buckaroo President with the white hat said, we're a fightin fer freedom, an anyun kin contribute ta the waar on terrorism. Shucks, fellers, I heard revelations with more sincerity an value comin from the travelin medicine show. Not givin his own words much thought, he's likely been a wastin too much time collectin Louis L'Amour novels ta fill his Presidential liberry. Despite ma boredom from a hearkenin ta his neo_cowpoke twang an twaddle, I'll try ta make it easy fer his admirin friends ba a speakin the presidential lingo a taday.

After a spit_shinin his Pa's hand_me_down jackboots an consultin his White Bunkhouse Cabinet, he's out a stealin dirty tricks from the infamous Clinton_Reno gang. Says he's now got some humdinger idears. Puttin em in the handy hoosegow or on the chain gang woulda been more fittin. Straightaway pokin inta tiny stem_cells shoulda been a eye opener ta real conservatives. Choosin Chinee butchers fer his favorite tradin buddies was another smokin gun fer his moral defenders. Tradin guns an whiskey ta Injuns fer runnin the Sisters a Mercy orphanage outa his Pa's oil fields, woulda done our nation just as proud. Now I'm a hearin he just horsewhipped Lady Liberty, an took a fancy ta some schemin harlot called Unita Nations an her illegitimate highfalutin son Nato. They're a plannin ta corral an protect folks from themselves.

He's a tellin the sodbusters, if ya ain't fer im, ya must be again im. Instead a bein mad fer gettin betrayed, the scared folks rode out an lynched Lady Liberty. They figure ba a finishin his job, they'll be safe from the hazards an complications a freedom. Now he's a sayin we're good little patriots. He musta seen our childlike ways. He's been a fleecin too many sheep these days an ain't talkin alota good sense. I'm a fearin he mighta caught the dreaded foot_in_his_mouth malady. Anyways, seein the folks really don't care, he's gonna smuggle in a million illegals from south a the border ta hep in his next campaign. I cain't count how many banditos got his same invite. Akin ta his bold nature, he's now a standin in the middle a the herd a usin somethin they call the number 4 amendment fer target practice. Shoulda used his unreliable Cabinet instead! Says he's aimin ta go after the 9 others when this un's fulla holes.

He's a tellin his bunglin hair_trigger FBI an ATF posses from Waco, ta snoop on the people's telegraph, spy on private bank ledgers a ordinary folk, an raid their cabins without constitutionally supported warrants from the territorial hangin judge. I'm bettin he's a callin these here raids somethin deceivin like "Homeland Security," or "USA Patriot Act" ta fool the trustin tenderfoots. Ta get all his chores done, I figure he's a fixin ta start a range waar again the stubborn Bill a Rights militia. Taday he just signed somethin the folks call the incumbent protection act so's they cain't talk again im no more without a goin ta jail. The folks are paddlin up a crick now! Good or ill, I'll be ever spurred ba his actions which, as now blazed ba the bureaucratic hostilities on the people's prairie, require a circlin the wagons ba the homesteaders. Ba a grabbin this here national calamity as his Gatlin_gun a opportunity, our chief wrangler an the usual congressional band a marauders already wreaked far deeper wounds on our Bill a Rights, than Wild Willie_Wank Clinton an his reptilian swamp_clan done in eight years.

Even with his contrivin victory, ba a usin this here stampede ta light_footedly roundup an fix the government's brand on the dazed critters, it's a clear we've been Bushwhacked. I'm a sniffin treason! Ta top it off, his wily boys an gals from the Fish an Wildlife are up ta their usual dirty deeds. Besides a stealin water from the Oregon territory ranchers, they're out a plantin Bobcat hairs on prime land so's the claim_jumpin feds kin swindle it from the people. Don't nobody round these here parts ever go ta jail fer a tramplin the dignity outa the Constitution? Unlike common folk, all these here feds must be spared the nuisance a constitutional law. These government loyalists must reckon the boys a the American Revolution fought their King George an died fer the thrill an all.

I been a meanin ta petition ma government fer redress, but I figure he's a hidin the real un in the shadows or under some rock. I cain't hardly tell whose a really runnin this here nation. Some say his Pa's old hole_in_the_wall gang is a doin the night raidin. While a wrestlin ta fully appreciate his publicly overplayed governin horse_sense, this here dime_novel writer prevails unruffled, a ridin down the rocky yet upright trail. Still, I'll be darn lucky if his backshootin marshals from Ruby Ridge don't put a WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE bounty on ma haid. Gosh_dang lucky if I don't get lynched ba the rankled vigilance committee fer a hepin ta spur this headstrong Cayuse inta high office.

As I cain't back this renegade Top_Gun or his raidin General no more, these here fellers will likely reckon me less than a patriot, or not even worthy a sidekick recollection. An, I'm a spectin a few old pardners a mine will turn tail, an go the way a retreat ba a gallopin down the yellow brick trail a illusion. I cain't oblige im on these here raids cuz I'm a hankerin ta abide with ma conscience. As I rest ma haid peacefully aside the campfire, I'll be a ponderin the reasons this here frontier cain't do no better job electin headmen a integrity. No promptin from government needed. I know where ta pledge ma allegiance, an it ain't gonna be ta that there stud.

One thing fer sure, we'd better quit a tryin ta break these here stallions from rancho Yale. I'm a lettin the honest thinkin folks in on ma secret. He ain't hoodwinked us all, an I'm still a wearin ma own brand. Hang on ta yur arssess greenhorns cuz that there bronc is a gettin ready ta buck!

Whoa!     Hooee!     Whoaaaaa!     Ouch!     Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!     


Acts of War and Betrayals Demand Soldierly Responses

The September 11th horrors inflicted upon the people of our nation far exceeded the limitations of verbal or written expression. Having experienced__along with millions of others__the outrage and a profound sadness for the victims and their families, I nevertheless refused to participate, and waver from a pragmatic response to our nation's ordeal, with a futile exposition of sympathy and sorrow. In addition to diverting the people's attention from vital inquiries and effective responses, government and media orchestrated expressions of grief or exemplary patriotism, always lack sincerity, and  never fill the void. Gracelessly, hollow commiserations were eagerly delivered by those of American adoration: politicians, movie stars, and other well_rewarded notables of exploitation and arrogance, superficiality and self_indulgence. Nor were the unceasing spectacles of emotionalism valiant responses from the conformable masses__weeping alongside the same congressional humbugs and  the Hollywood debauched, offering_up candles to the heavens, sporting colorful ribbons, and collectively undergoing televised crisis therapy__as they only demonstrated our urgent need for a massive therapeutic dose of testosterone if we are to survive as a free nation. No! This act of war demanded focused and soldierly responses from the people. Including: personal and family defense preparations, national condemnation of our government's betrayal, and demands for an immediate constitutional revamping of foreign policy. Although discouraging for the fair_weather_patriots of "Teletubby" land, genuine patriotism will require far more than participation in emotionally arousing media events, overspending at the neighborhood shopping mall, enduring the indignities of airport security molestations, the frenzied waving of flags, or childish jubilation each time this wanting President fortifies our feeble spirits with a few rehearsed words of bravado. Such quasi_patriotic gestures are little more than diversions and emotional masturbation. With faculties intact, I instead adopted a patriotic stance and honored our fallen Americans by focusing my attention towards the curtailment of  terrorist acts, regardless of origin.

Having no desire to belabor this subject, we have three basic categories of people who claim to identify with American patriotism. The liberty_committed_patriots are to be honored, as they will endure sacrifices if and when necessary in defense of this nation and human rights. Following with a pathetic stature are the pseudo_patriot clans, habitually displaying intense loyalty to political factions and their leaders but not to our nation and Constitution. They cannot conceive or appreciate ideologies beyond the confines of "Party" indoctrination, and are willing pawns of the elite. Their usefulness as instruments of tyranny is obvious. Such no_questions_asked loyalties were necessary for enslaving the peoples of Communist China, Russia, and Nazi Germany. More recently, loyal Democrats enthusiastically either denied or justified the treasonous and criminal activities of the Clinton duo. Obedient Rush Limbaugh ditto_heads are doing likewise regarding George Bush's betraying encroachments upon our liberties and nonexistent defense of constitutional principles. The disingenuous responses from both feuding clans are equally detrimental to liberty and the stability of our nation. Their blind loyalty has earned nothing more than contempt from genuine American patriots. Other than to add that they will receive a thorough thrashing from the hands of reality and wisdom after everything is lost, further comments would be pointless. Lastly, we have the dependency_motivated_patriots who are a sizeable and nauseating crowd indeed. People of this mentality were never the builders of this sovereign and prosperous nation, nor will they ever be its defenders. If not suckling at the nanny_state teat, they are whining for more bureaucratic guidance and emotional support. They lack self_discipline, practicality, and dependability; their goal is to enlist leaders who will fulfill all needs and require no sacrifice in exchange. They deserve to be enslaved by the socialist oppressor. Nationally televised emotionalism may validate their fanciful visions of patriotism, or arouse enough sensations of self_esteem to drag them through the day, but as their primary endeavor, cannot lead to a noble or victorious end. Unless patriotism embraces truth and stimulates honorable, thoughtful, and practical action, it will recklessly seduce us into feel_good or factional legislation, which renders regret and places all citizens in unnecessary positions of vulnerability. Although their sentiments are distinct, our loyalist gladiators and these timid groupies are responsible for the police state consequences of such legislation.

In adopting the fundamentals for the creation of this government, the Founders did not guarantee our education, prosperity, health, comfort, or safety. Instead, they wisely guaranteed our liberty, which holds far greater potentials for the dignity and growth of mankind. Out of ignorance, fear, and cowardice, the majority of citizens are willing to submit, and give federal government more control over their personal lives. Bread, along with the well_deserved performing end of a circus will be their only rewards for submission. Will  it really make any difference whether our enslaving masters are Communists, Fascists, the United Nations, Democrats, or Republicans? Ask yourself!

Government officials have mastered the unethical arts of diversion and deception. We can easily blame terrorism for our fear and confusion; it is difficult to challenge those disloyal public servants who have skillfully stolen our liberties and nation. To assume that government has a genuine interest in quieting our fears is unreasoned optimism. Mass anxiety is the equivalent of steroids for big_government. If we feel helpless, government is energized and becomes our imaginary solution to all national and personal problems. Be aware! Be skeptical! Think! Do not be diverted, deceived, and mesmerized by these bureaucrats. And, do not blindly accept my words or those of others as truth. Investigate, discriminate, and question everything not proven. Revolution must begin from within the individual. If the improvement of government and society is our goal, we__as individuals__must first change. It starts with you! The American people must begin by rejecting all bureaucratic and media conditioning, and learn to perceive and reason as individuals, hence, successfully resisting those puppeteers in our government that demand unquestioning compliance. Such a challenge requires sustained conscious effort. Without the ability to discriminate between authoritative programming and personal beliefs, we can never be truly free. Always question. Question again!

It is essential that our honorable men and women defend the constitutional principles of self_governance and liberty. This critical undertaking cannot be left to the rank and file of today's feckless and cosmetic society; where mediocrity is widely chosen as a rewardable goal. Having scorned the illuminating potentialities of liberty, thus, mastering nothing beyond competitive pretentiousness, behavioral excellence is of little interest to the American masses. With the exception of a few self_reliant thinkers, we have degraded into a people of frills and thrills, spurning everything remotely resembling authenticity, self_responsibility, virtue, and wisdom. The majority of Americans now exist in a state of intellectual hibernation. Emotionalism has become our badge of honor; it is displayed as an exemplary measure of accomplishment. Dare if you can, one hour of primetime television__reflecting the national standards of today__and draw your own conclusions.

Because it is now in fashion and touches everyone's heart, we are always talking about the welfare of our children. Yet, we have the abilities to do something worthwhile on their behalf. We have natural instincts, intelligence, and all the tools needed to educate, thereupon, safeguard our children. However, courage and a willing acceptance of our parental responsibilities are lacking. Or, perhaps we are simply bedazzled by our fantastic toys and mind_numbing entertainment, forgetting that our children deserve more psychological attentiveness, protection, and obedience training than the treasured household pet? Knowledge is an indispensable defense against enslavement. I believe that upon the conclusion of an adequate inquiry, responsible parents will wisely evacuate their children from government regulated educational programs, where stupefying "New World Order" indoctrination is demanded. Private and home schooling are sensible alternatives to this morally and intellectually barren public system. To the unconcerned, be mindful of the life threatening betrayals by our leaders and other public servants, while pondering this question: Can I, as a conscientious and informed parent, further entrust the lives, freedoms, and education of my children to authoritarians like George Bush, John Ashcroft, Tom Ridge, and Donald Rumsfeld? We are responsible for the welfare of our families. Thank God; they are not! It would be difficult explaining to my children why I betrayed their confidence and failed to provide able defenses by means of a well_balanced education. Such an admission would demand far more courage than needed for their defense. For the preservation of their lives, freedoms, and independence of thought, I trust that the undaunted thirty_percent of this nation__those not cowering under their beds awaiting government miracles__will confront this escalating educational crisis in a logical, effective, and sustaining manner. A soldierly response is needed!

The First Law of Nature Demands a Second Amendment

The Excalibur of the People

Second Amendment: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

The attacks on our World Trade Center have brought unimaginable grief to thousands of American families. They have also ignited a keen awareness of our vulnerability. And, the dereliction of federal government has become evident by its inability or refusal to provide adequate nationwide defenses from foreign aggression. Whether the appropriate charge is criminal negligence or high treason, there is no question that the people have been betrayed. However, individual security is not the constitutional responsibility of government. More than one judicial decision will confirm such a statement. In other words, it is you, the individual that is obliged to make provisions for your own safety by adhering to the First Law of Nature. You must respond to this fundamental law, or perish. I recognize that this is harsh news for the politically correct sensibilities of most Americans, but this revelation is a simple fact of life. Self_defense is the natural and honorable stance that we must all promote. Without decisive steps to defend self and family, "security" is only a word.

"The constitutions of most of our States assert that all power is inherent in the people; that... it is their right and duty to be at all times armed."__Thomas Jefferson to John Cartwright [1824]

Questions regarding the First Law of Nature were resolved at the time the Second Amendment__preeminent defender of our Bill of Rights__was ratified on December 15th, 1791. This fundamental law reigns supreme over every law contrived by politicians. And, the continuous and very real protections that the Second Amendment affords cannot logically be interpreted as antiquated necessity. Its purpose remains sound and noble. Accordingly, constitutional law and commonsense should render further discussion respecting the absolutes of self_defense as unwarranted. However, as this essential law is now under an unnatural attack by the encroaching United Nations, faithless public servants, and other debilitating influences of Socialist activism, an uncompromising attitude and a defensive awareness are indispensable. Diligently exposing the fraudulent nature and weaknesses of our demoralizing adversaries and their emotionally vulnerable admirers is no less vital to national security and the preservation of individual freedoms.

"To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them."__George Mason

Within the First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, and Tenth Amendments of our Bill of Rights, the rights of the people are correctly interpreted as referring to the rights of individuals. Why is it, that only within the Second Amendment are people allegedly intended by the Founding Fathers to denote a collective or state right? Very simply, politicians and judges of a disloyal or subversive nature are fearful of an armed citizenry. For obvious reasons, these contemptuous public servants do not want civilian firearm ownership, and argue that only the police and military should be armed. Their fear of the people is as it should be, and was the intent of our Founding Fathers. Through peaceful human rights activism including imposing demonstrations, it will be wise to indelibly imprint such forebodings on the forefront of their consciousness. Be creative!

"When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny."__Thomas Jefferson

The following truths must be conveyed to these unrestrained servants of the people: Because their constitutional authority to do so is nonexistent, federal police confiscations of firearms from peaceable citizens are, under the criminal codes of  fifty sovereign states, equivalent to felony theft of private property. Depending upon injuries, deaths, and the means used to achieve their unconstitutional end, such actions will possibly rise to the level of aggravated assault or deliberate homicide. And, such confiscations are federal civil rights violations. Further, offending federal agents are liable for state prosecution and imprisonment. Without hesitation, liberty_committed_patriots will accept the duty of filing criminal complaints and demanding state prosecutions of these federally sanctioned lawbreakers. All perpetrators should further be penalized through civil litigation.

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government."__George Washington

For the preservation of liberty, this nation, self, or family, the First Law of Nature does not require bureaucratic sanction prior to its enforcement by the people. And, whether or not politicians and judges view the Second Amendment as impaired is not a governing factor for the resolute individualist. Further, genuine patriots__those loyal to this nation and the principles of its Constitution__and other adherents of the First Law of Nature, will never be enslaved or deterred as a result of unnatural and unconstitutional laws, regardless of counterfactual Supreme Court judgments. There are 90,000,000_armed Americans (University of Chicago Research Center). Although ten_percent is conceivable (9,000,000), if only one_percent of that number (900,000) begins to energetically react__expertly or not__to human rights violations, there will indeed be ample cause for concern on the part of the unfaithful public servant. As the supreme counterforce to the tyrannical powers of government, our Founding Fathers forged the unyielding Second Amendment__the Excalibur of the people. Those politicians and judges from this subversive tribe and the others now performing their ballet from atop a fence will display a degree of wisdom by briskly restoring constitutional government and justice.

In one of only a few correct court decisions with respect to constitutional intent, Supreme Court Chief Justice Marshall proclaimed: "any act of the legislature, repugnant to the Constitution, is void."__Marbury vs. Madison [1803]

In further reference to the controlling or banning of guns, I have also caught the words "compelling state interests" being foolishly and dangerously flung about. In truth, the "compelling state interests" are enumerated within the twenty_six Amendments (18th repealed by the 21st) and in Article I, Section VIII, of the United States Constitution. Federal government is responsible for no more or less. If, defending the fundamental principles of the Constitution is not the compelling interest referred to, then what other interests should be of higher priority or greater concern to the federal government? None! These three words, "compelling state interests," can be the most menacing of semantic combinations; it holds the potential for unlocking the gates that constrain arbitrary legislation, counterfactual judgment, and unlimited oppression.

Although, Attorney General John Ashcroft and the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals recently and correctly ruled that the Second Amendment did in fact protect the right of individuals to keep and bear arms, the infringements persist. Fearing the potential of an unlimited armed citizenry and reasons of "compelling state interests," this cowardly court refused to adequately address the imposition by our Founding Fathers of four absolute and unyielding words: "Shall not be infringed." Any court ruling that is erroneous or incomplete is repugnant to the Constitution and an insult to our intelligence. Always taking delight in their supreme abilities to subvert the Constitution, and never to be overshadowed by judges of an inferior court, the U. S. Supreme Court__in its typical dereliction_of_duty_mode__has again refused to hear arguments relative to this issue of national importance. Lacking even a rodent's squeak of complaint from the National Rifle Association (NRA), President Bush__through Solicitor General Ted Olson__has evidently requested that the nine black robes refrain from ruling on this particular constitutional question. It is obvious that one governmental branch is colluding with another. Frankly, I cannot think of a more compelling reason for publicly impeaching George Bush, and the deplorable conduct of this self_perceived august court.  

It is crystal clear that the enforcement of the Bill of Rights has become inconsistent. Prior to the recent enactment of the "USA Patriot Act," if a state or local government were to violate the human rights of any individual, the federal government and courts__often self_exempted from the same laws__would in most cases chastise that offending state or city. Excepting, of course, the unalienable individual rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is the only constitutional protection to be singled out for state and local recognition or lack thereof, inaccurate or vague interpretation, and unconstitutional infringements. Whereas, the states are rarely permitted to infringe upon the human rights contained within the remaining nine Amendments, they are encouraged by the federal government and courts to assault the principles of the Second Amendment. Nationally, thousands of innocent and nonviolent people have been prosecuted, convicted, and incarcerated as a result of unconstitutional firearm legislation. These legislative and judicial abuses are an outrage yet willfully and readily employed in every state within this nation. At this stage of his appointment, Attorney General John Ashcroft adamantly refuses to enforce the Second Amendment nationwide. Instead, he vigorously prosecutes innocent, nonviolent persons charged with violating these unconstitutional laws. With the exception of justified restrictions placed upon people who have been constitutionally convicted as violent felons, "Shall not be infringed" unequivocally demands the void of all criminal and civil laws pertaining to firearm possession. Be pleased with this fact or not, there are absolutely no qualifications placed on the Second Amendment, or the lawful  individuals that it protects. Our government and courts have no authority to enact or enforce any so_called "reasonable firearm restrictions" or "commonsense gun laws." Period!

In violation of the Bill of Rights, my state requires the possession of a license that permits me to bear a firearm. As a "compelling state interest," should I not also be required to possess a license that permits me to freely speak or write what is on my mind, a license that permits me to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, or a license that permits me to refrain from incriminating myself? What other unalienable rights should I not be permitted to exercise without a license?

"Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American.. The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people"__The Pennsylvania Gazette [February 20, 1788]  

Is the right of individuals to bear firearms of choice, absolute? Yes! Of course it is. The unjustified use of a firearm is an entirely different matter. Our rights do not extend beyond the point where they begin to violate the rights of others. We do not have a right to use firearms for criminal intent. Nor are we permitted to maliciously shout fire in a crowded auditorium. Freedom of speech cannot lawfully be abridged unless used in an unlawfully destructive manner. And, our right to keep and bear arms cannot lawfully be infringed upon except when firearms are used for criminal purposes. Unlawfulness stems from anti_social behavior, not the tools used to achieve the nefarious results. Use of a firearm or any weapon (automobile, knife, poison, baseball bat, and on forever) to violate the rights of others is a felony offense, and has no correlation with the Second Amendment. We have an abundance of laws to control or punish destructive behavior. Criminal use of firearms should be dealt with on an individual basis without penalizing the entire nation for the misdeeds of a few. Preventing citizens from firearm ownership simply because they might violate the rights of others is unconstitutional. In doing so, innocent persons are punished along with the guilty. Rebellious of the aforesaid truths, our government conducts all Americans as suspected criminals.

The people of this world have indeed suffered as a result of government infringements on this basic human right of self_defense. The germane questions are: Would we have lost 3,000 lives at the World Trade Center and Pentagon, had the lawful passengers of four flights been armed with handguns? It is reasonable to conclude that our losses would not have been so staggering had this been the case. And, would the peoples of China, Cuba, Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Chechnya, and Kosovo have become victims of rape, torture, and genocide had the citizenry been well prepared with handguns and assault weapons for self_defense? With adequate weaponry at hand, along with an appropriately defensive attitude, the numbers of casualties certainly would not have counted into the millions. It is estimated that 170,000,000_civilians worldwide have been murdered by governments within the 20th Century (University of Hawaii research). If we want effective personal and "Homeland" security then all lawful citizens must be armed. If you desire peace, visualize self_defense. A defensive posture is far more effective than surrender or hope.

 "Americans have the right and advantage of being armed__unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms."__James Madison, the Federalist Papers No. 46 at 243_244

The Constitution was conceived for the enumeration of legitimate authority and limitations of federal and state governments. Justly restrained, no government has the constitutional or moral authority__in any degree or manner__to infringe upon our unalienable, Second Amendment rights and duty of self_defense. Rebellious of this embarrassing yet straightforward and unalterable Second Amendment, our disingenuous officials__under the pretense of "safety concerns," "compelling state interests," and the "war on drugs"__have enacted unconstitutional and pernicious legislation, placing millions of men, women, and children at serious risk.

Whether or not the majority of citizens believe in the right of the people (individuals) to keep and bear arms is irrelevant to the application of constitutional law. Intentionally disregarding degrees of social and political popularity, the Constitution equally protects the rights of every individual. Like it or not, this is a nation of laws and not of men. We do not consider the political correctness of Socialism or polls of public opinion in order to determine which unalienable, constitutional rights government shall permit the people to exercise. We are dependent upon constitutional law for such judgments. Not any individual or faction has ever been blessed with the luxury of picking and choosing which Article or Amendment is more convenient and adaptable to their self_serving needs. The Constitution must be accepted logically, with honesty, and in its entirety.

Federal court decision: "A state cannot impose a license, tax or fee on a constitutionally protected right."__Murdock vs. Pennsylvania 319 US 105 [1942]__For those who rely on constitutional law and commonsense, the possession of firearms is clearly "a constitutionally protected right." Regardless of this truth, most states require a citizen to pay a "fee," in order to obtain a "license," before keeping and/or bearing a firearm; federal and state "taxes" are always levied at the time of firearm transaction.

Supreme Court decision: The U.S. Supreme Court broadly and unequivocally held that requiring licensing or registration of any constitutional right is itself unconstitutional.__Follett vs. Town of McCormick, S.C., 321 U.S. 573 [1944]__Although neither decision is related to firearms, they nonetheless settle the question concerning the unconstitutionality of licensing, taxation, or registration of any constitutional right. Laws requiring persons to obtain permission from states to carry concealed firearms are unconstitutional. Seeking permission to exercise a right is absurd. Unconstitutional laws lack legitimacy and should never be obeyed by a free people.   

"Webster's University Dictionary__Infringed: 1. To violate or go beyond the limits of (e.g., a law). 2. To break (a law or agreement); fail to observe the terms of: violate. 3. To defeat: invalidate.__to encroach upon something. Infringement: 1. A violation, as of a law or agreement. 2. An encroachment, as of a privilege or right."__If the 20,000 federal and state gun laws do not flawlessly illustrate Webster's definition of infringed, then no other repressive or invading action will.

Our Founding Fathers unequivocally prohibited the following bicentennial restructuring of the Second Amendment by politicians and bureaucrats: First registering the pre_approved firearm with the BATF, and after receiving a concealed weapons permit, "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed," except, by means of 20,000 state and federal gun laws. Or, on airplanes, on passenger trains, on buses, in churches, within 1,000 yards from schools, in courthouses, in government buildings, in taverns, in national parks, on most city streets, during interstate trucking, and unless opinion polls indicate to politicians that additional infringements are conducive to their self_serving needs. Rubbish! Dissuading tyrannical government requires effective armaments by the people at all times and in all places. Civilians have the right to possess and bear the same fully_automatic firearms as law enforcement and military personnel.

As they run contrary to the intent of the Bill of Rights, these "gun control laws" should never be respected as laws but instead condemned by the people as acts of infringing outlaw legislation. These legislative and judicial illegalities represent direct assaults upon the unalienable rights of all Americans. Without question, it is outlaw legislation that has no constitutional foundation. This legislation, under the pretense of legitimate congressional action must be immediately voided.  

As a former peace officer of many years, I can state with credibility that guns save innocent lives far more often than they kill. Law enforcement documentation also indicates that there are over two million lives saved by guns each year. However, these facts are never disclosed by the local or national media. In opposition to this truth, I have heard many victim disarmament exponents say from the other side of the mouth, that they only want "reasonable restrictions" on gun ownership. That is of course, "for the sake of our children." Does the number of 20,000 standing gun control laws appear to be "reasonable restrictions" to anyone other than a deceitful politician or a simpleton?

In 1856, the U. S. Supreme Court ruled that local law enforcement had no duty to protect individuals but only a general duty to enforce the laws. South vs. Maryland, 59 US (HOW) 396, 15 L. Ed. 433 [1856]. A U. S. Federal Appeals Court declared in 1982: "There is no constitutional right to be protected by the state against being murdered by criminals or madmen."__Bowers vs. devot, U. S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit 686 F. 2d 616 (1982).

The reality is that you have no right to demand of anyone to risk his or her life in the defense of yours. Obviously, preserving your life is a very personal endeavor requiring sound judgment.  Make no mistake!  Anyone__regardless of ignorance or intent__who attempts to deprive you of the means or ability to defend the lives of your family is a very real enemy and must be exposed as such. All anti self_defense activists are as deadly a threat to you and your family as any violent criminal, terrorist, or psychopath. Never underestimate the destructive potential of these victim disarmament fanatics, with their inherent theatrical talents for staging mindless mob melodrama. Does the "Million Mom March" rekindle memories of such absurdities? Their actions contributing to the same deadly result, these million goose_stepping moms and many politicians (Bush, Clinton, Lieberman, Schumer, Feinstein, Kennedy, Daschel, Lautenberg, on and on), must all be held accountable for the thousands of American men, women, and children who__through unconstitutional, outlaw legislation__are prevented from defending their lives.

How many celebrities and elected officials venture outdoors without the security of armed bodyguards in their presence? Are their lives of greater value than your own? Can you afford to retain the same quality of protection for yourself and family? Dialing 911 will not assure your safety. Although in most cases they are willing to assist, police usually provide a post_incident response. After the damage is done, they will always be there to investigate your homicide or rape. Remaining armed is the only natural and reliable alternative to you becoming a victim of robbery, rape, assault, or murder.  

Because of their ceaseless and malicious distortion of gun related facts, many members of the Socialist news media are morally responsible for these horrific losses. Knowing full well that women are far more vulnerable to physical assault, the "National Organization for Women" (NOW) lacks creditability by failing to encourage the arming of their supporters for self_defense. If they were sincere in their concern for the welfare of women, they would certainly do so. And, acts of hypocrisy by the "American Civil Liberties Union" (ACLU) for refusing to defend our Second Amendment rights should not go without justified public condemnation.

Unfortunately for humanity, organizers of the Socialist movement perceive man's eternal search for truth as a challenge to be avoided at all costs. Genuine concern is never given if that price demands victimization of the defenseless. In their desire to create illusions, thereby manipulate public opinion, the Socialist proponents of political correctness will concoct labels for objects, behavior, and people. Although this practice permeates every aspect of our society with its misleading and enfeebling effects, I will provide only a few examples that pertain to firearms. What was once appropriately and widely accepted as "self or family defense," has been demonized as another act of "senseless gun violence." The oppressive legislative action called "gun control," is now compassionately labeled as "gun safety." And, the harsh and restricting organization known as "Handgun Control Inc.," has been re_labeled as a family friendly "Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence." They have been successful. Individuals of a less substantial character are embarrassed to advocate firearm ownership and self_defense. These Socialists vultures feed off the weaknesses of their emotional admires. Have we the people__traditionally trusting in a commonsense approach to life__not yet discovered that rearranging labels does not alter even one iota, the reality that Socialists, on a par with Communists and Fascists, are ruthless enslavers? It is all about subduing the people; not gun safety.  

I am confident that genuine American patriots will perceive the veracity of my statements regarding our unalienable right of self_defense. If such truths can be agreed upon, then why are we demeaning our predominant position by begging these insubordinate servants to honor the Second Amendment? Dare the oath_breaking cowards to do otherwise!

The Federal Police Invasion Forces Are Coming/Defend State Sovereignty

"The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."__Thomas Jefferson__Letter to William S. Smith [Paris, November 13, 1787]

To principled state and local peace officers:

I have walked in your shoes and confronted the dilemmas that you face. The majority of people understand that honor and decency guide the actions of most local officers. Citizens are also well aware of the dangers and sacrifices related to your vocation. You deserve our gratitude. However, consider well, the present direction of the law enforcement profession.

Recognize the harm done to your family, neighbor, state, and nation as a result of the unconstitutional conduct by legislators, federal police agencies, courts, administrators, and an alarming number of fellow officers. With dignity and fortitude, refuse to be exploited by the faithless authors and unpatriotic enforcers of this anti_Bill of Rights "USA Patriot Act."

Ultimately, it is you__the individual officer__that must judge right from wrong. Never enforce unconstitutional laws, or obey orders that are repugnant to your sense of justice.

The liberties and welfare of the people are far more important than employment security. You must decide whether your loyalties are to the people of local communities and the Constitution or to federal bureaucrats and their police invasion forces. You have also sworn to uphold your State Constitution. The sovereignty of your State must be defended! You are morally compelled to defend fellow Americans from federal police assaults, and purge your ranks of those who willingly violate human rights. Look upon your predicament with care.

Your responses will be patriotic and courageous or subversive and cowardly. You must defend or condemn the people and Constitution. There is no middle ground for you. Stand with self_respect and in moral contrast to the majority of politicians today. Honor your oath of office! Like us all, you must look into the eyes of your own children, and answer their questions.

Your family and neighbors have entrusted their lives and freedoms to your expression of loyalty. You have chosen this vocation with honor in mind; serve throughout your career with valor, and then leave with a noble heart.

Each day, they rape the Constitution and molest our unalienable rights. Our disingenuous Legislators, Attorney Generals, and Supreme Court Justices (federal and state) now belittle and dishonor the memory, intent, and integrity of our Founding Fathers. Citizens are quite capable of accurately interpreting the Constitution and Bill of Rights. However, these self_perceived ethical scholars of law have bastardized the Constitution with their convoluted and ambiguous interpretations of our unequivocal Bill of Rights. Virtue by virtue, liberty by liberty, they are eroding our cherished Constitutional Republic. These very same servants of the people can be the most cunning and corrupting of outlaws. As a result of their refusal to ethically interpret constitutional law, we now have the "USA Patriot Act," and the following extreme threat to our freedoms and public safety.

Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein never had the power to destroy the Bill of Rights or our American Dream. George Bush does! As an opportunistic response to the recent acts of terrorism, you will hear the predictable dire warnings calling for restricted liberties shouted from the Oval Office and Halls of Congress. It is simply one more bureaucratic platter filled with "compelling state interests" hysteria shoved down our throats. At the time of this writing, George Bush and John Ashcroft have legislatively secured such egregious infringements on our liberties. President Bush and the subversive congressional members have effectively suspended (only four years?) the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Does anyone honestly believe that our rights will ever be voluntarily restored? How many unaware bystanders will be sucked into their propeller of injustice as a result of this outlaw legislation, deceptively labeled the "USA Patriot Act"? I will suggest that this "Act" provides convenient excuses to further harass constitutionally authorized American militias (fellow citizens) and controversial individuals. Owing to their ineffectual assaults on the genuine defenders of this nation and futile attempts to win this wasteful and nonsensical "war on drugs," such draconian legislation was solicited by the Department of Justice years before our buckaroo President wanted Osama bin Laden dead or alive. Because of the present threat, accompanied by government and media reinforced mass hysteria, law enforcement was given all that it demanded. It is about citizen control; not the eradication of terrorism. It is an insult to the American people that our President would dare place the label "Patriot" on legislation that is manifestly unconstitutional and extremely harmful to this nation. We are now on the verge of encountering the most ruthless of enemies, the full_blown police state. Under no conditions will a legitimate government__obedient to the laws of our Founding Fathers__ever attempt to breach the barriers set forth in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Loyalty to George Bush is not evidence of American patriotism; it is an ugly reflection of ignorance, cowardice, and willing enslavement.

"As civil rulers, not having their duty to the people duly before them, may attempt to tyrannize, and as the military forces which must occasionally be raised to defend our country, might pervert their power to the injury of their fellow citizens, the people are confirmed by the next article in their right to keep and bear their private arms."__Thomas Paine, of Pennsylvania__Federal Gazette [June 18, 1789]
With the exception of those in government, the legal profession, and sinister interest groups (i.e. victim disarmament), sane individuals__recognizing the dishonesty or absurdity of doing so__will not attempt to create doubt by ignoring facts. History has proven beyond any doubt that unless sufficiently armed, we are all vulnerable to barbarities. Although never reported by the mainstream news media, many innocent and falsely accused citizens within our nation are enduring unthinkable conditions today. Irrespective of attempts to avoid such facts, thereby deceive the public and obstruct justice (BATF, FBI, U. S. Marshals, Delta Forces, Senator Danforth, Federal Judge Walter Smith, and now the Bush administration), the federally sanctioned and politically motivated atrocities involving more than eighty men, women, and children (gassed, shot, or burned to death) at Waco, and a young innocent boy (shot in the back) along with his infant bearing mother (shot in the face by FBI assassin Lon Horiuchi) at Ruby Ridge, should serve as crystal clear warnings demanding a defensive and well_armed citizenry.

Camouflage or ninja_black SWAT garb, including the identity concealing ski mask, is the law enforcement costume of the day; producing the affects necessary to demoralize and secure absolute public submission. Our government deploys terrorizing and lethal equipment such as machine guns, tanks, and noxious gases; which, are proper for conventional warfare but must never be used for paramilitary assaults upon innocent U.S. civilians. The bureaucratically provoked sociopathic behavior of these rogue officers instills terror within the hearts of loyal Americans. Because of the annihilative potentials of militarism__evidenced within the ranks of our federal, state, and local police forces__freedom inspired citizens must employ efficient defensive strategies, and firmly hold these offending agencies in check.

 "[No] degree of power in the hands of government [will] prevent insurrections."__Thomas Jefferson to James Madison [1787]

The law enforcement profession is advancing out of control with no signs of reversing this trend on the horizon. There are no indications that the Bush administration and Congress have any intentions of initiating meaningful change. Our President has simply added to this already ponderous, incompetent, and disloyal bureaucracy, 900 floundering FBI agents, and one more massive flimflam authority (170,000 employees) called the "Department of Homeland Security," eagerly dominated by his executive predator, Tommy_Gun Ridge as the appointed Protections_Don. The outmoded, inefficient police agencies receive a face_lift  here and a tummy_tuck there, but the reality is that their combined federal police invasion forces need a major liposuction. Because of falsified "compelling state interests" and the lack of resistance from the submissive majority, we can now look forward to one more unchecked and unconstitutional federal authority with an enormous potential for human rights abuses. While I have not yet decided upon an eye_catching color_code designating the level of threat from our President's new "Department," the people have nonetheless been warned. Although not a color, black appears dismally appropriate.

I will leave detailed accounts to those untold trustworthy Americans who have experienced their Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights brutally discarded by cowardly federal and local police officers. Federal and local law enforcement agencies armed with erroneous affidavits and inexplicit warrants have reinforced a multitude of unconstitutional firearms infringements, violated human rights in the name of our perpetual and ineffectual "war on drugs," enforced questionable environmental regulations, and confiscated property as a result of an infinite number of unconstitutional and oppressive tax laws.

Under no circumstances should agencies charged with licensing, federal land issues, or the collection of taxes (BATF, IRS, BLM, and USDA) be armed or commissioned with the powers of arrest. Nor should investigations and arrests relative to irregularities or enforcement in licensing, environmental regulations, personal use of drugs, or tax laws, ever result in the unconstitutional destruction of human life or the violent taking of property. Such agencies are never held culpable for their willful or negligent acts. Terrorists, street_wise criminals, and the insane are not the only threatening elements within our society requiring constant vigilance, preparedness, and local community resistance.

Whether the perpetrators of deadly attacks are criminals, terrorists, or craven misfits (i.e. FBI assassin Lon Horiuchi) enforcing unconstitutional laws under the alphabet_soup_letters of officialdom, the result is the same. Dead is dead, regardless of which resolved predator holds you within their crosshairs. You have a moral obligation and constitutional right to defend yourself and family from all deadly assaults. Aggression must never be considered; self_defense had better be absolute.

Regarding the members of the Branch Davidian Church and residents of Randy Weaver's home, in both atrocities, the victims of these terrorist assaults by the U. S. Marshals, FBI, and BATF, were constitutionally and morally justified in the defense of themselves. Because the victims of each siege were in fear of imminent bodily injury or death, as a result of the overwhelming display of a terrifying paramilitary force__including tanks and gunfire__any reasonable jury, not falsely instructed by a compromised judge, would conclude such defensive actions justified by The First Law of Nature. Although several federal agents paid the ultimate price for their ill_fated use of deadly force on innocent men, women, and children, other officers and high_level masterminds of this butchery have not faced justice. The victims of these federal predators did not violate any constitutionally recognized laws; failure to pay unconstitutional firearm taxes and a need to secure additional congressional funding for the BATF resulted in their doom. Disregarding the unpopularity of the government's prey (alleged white supremacist and religious cult with unconventional beliefs), the citizenry must demand the prosecution and if convicted, imprisonment of all federal government outlaws involved. Tomorrow, as a result of anti_government sentiments, erroneous affidavits, or fabricated accusations by any John or Jane Doe who disapproves of your lifestyle and beliefs, you could be the next political target of convenience. In itself, this publication holds the disquieting potential of attracting intimidation and assault from these federal agencies. We shall see!

As an avowed response to the recent terrorist attacks, President Bush has added the noble word "justice" to his public relations vocabulary. He was probably unaware of its existence prior to these events, as he has never mentioned "justice" in regards to clearing the terrorist filth out of our federal police forces. Without the reestablishment of "justice" within federal government, the people can justifiably toss the President's campaign promise of "compassionate conservatism" into their bursting bin of political prattle.

During my career, two peace officer friends were shot to death while performing their lawful duties. I miss these fine fellows, and honor their dedication to the people. My respect for the law enforcement profession on a local level remains sincere. The majority of officers are indeed admirable. However, because of the recent influx of federal funding and control (Tenth Amendment violation), a dangerous number of local administrators and officers have lost their sense of constitutional duty, and violate human rights as a matter of course. Sadly, we can no longer blindly accept the whole of this profession as a chivalrous and constitutionally sanctioned force. Terrorism is a serpent with many heads; without resistance, it now preys upon our village.

It is the duty of Sheriffs__chief law enforcement officer in each county__to protect local residents from federal malfeasance. When demanded, federal agents are required to seek the consent of all County Sheriffs prior to conducting investigations, or executing warrants in local jurisdictions. If such activities are not constitutionally supported and federal agents refuse to obey the lawful commands of the Sheriff to cease and desist, they are liable for arrest__as is any other citizen__and can be criminally prosecuted under state law. Most Sheriffs are either ignorant or fearful regarding this lawful duty of office.

Lawmen, including prosecutors, are obliged to discern constitutional law from outlaw legislation. On all occasions, conscientious officers must refuse to enforce laws that are egregiously unconstitutional. The successes of federal and local law enforcement agencies are dependent upon the trust and goodwill of the people; a peaceful community is the result of an equal partnership between police and citizenry. Without reciprocal confidence, the consequences will be minor acts of dissention escalating into mass rebellion. Police are compelled to serve only the people, and have no other master. Their "us_against_them" attitude is counterproductive and damn dangerous for innocent civilians. Dishonoring the unalienable rights of citizens also places the lives of officers in jeopardy. When the quarry feels cornered, fear quickly transforms into rage. And that, as my officer friends know from experience, is a fact. Citizens should, and often do aid the police in life threatening situations. I owe my life to three brave citizens who assisted while in the performance of my duty. If they had disrespected my profession, I would not be alive.

Apart from the fact that its intellectual and societal benefits are nonexistent, the production known as "Cops," desensitizes public awareness to government control and instills a dangerous acceptance of human rights abuses by officers. This intellectually hibernating thrill_seeking audience assumes that our primetime superstar "Cops" are always acting in a constitutionally supported manner. Violations of our Forth and Fifth Amendment rights are not uncommon. Please consider my advice when I say that we should not encourage the "Rambo" mentalities within these agencies by patronizing the sponsors of this ridiculously macho and socially harmful gladiator entertainment.

Scrap the Begging_Bowl

For the past forty years, I have witnessed a federal invasion of fifty sovereign states and the dismantling of our Bill of Rights by politicians and judges behaving in an unconstitutional and rebellious manner. I am angry and fed up! I will no longer be governed by officials with ambitions unworthy of defense, not one virtue to share with the people, and no shame for their betrayals. Their game of totalitarian chess has continued far too long, and it is time for the people to checkmate these elitist bastards.

Our intent and persistence must become nationally respected, and actions effectively directed. Be always mindful that American politicians are excessively compensated public servants; not ennobled dandies from the Royal court. Scrap the begging_bowl! Never kneel or stand in awe while instructing these servants on their duties. Our attitudes towards politicians and delivery of demands must immediately change. Never request that the Constitution be obeyed. Demand! They are our servants! How much more illumination does this fact need before it can be readily grasp by the people? We are not subjects of a kingdom, and our attitude of subservience is repulsive to liberty_committed_patriots. As citizens and constitutional overseers of governmental powers, authoritatively voice your constitutionally supported demands and warnings to these hired representatives of the people. Never tolerate their broken campaign promises, or lack of constitutional compliance. We would not retain the services of any other incompetent, uncooperative, or arrogant employee. Therefore, it is absurd for us to accept saboteurs, oath_breakers, and betrayers of the public confidence. Doing so, is nothing less than national suicide. If earned, sincerely confer your respect and support. When not, publicly exhibit your mistrust and noncompliance to outlaw legislation. Conduct them accordingly. Never be impressed with positions or titles but only by honorable deeds.

Our Founding Fathers did not endure the abuses of a tyrannical government and learn nothing. Their goal was not to create a document of government sanctioned privileges, to be allotted out by contemporary miscreants in office. Ingeniously, they instead provided us with the Bill of Rights, which protects our Creator bestowed liberties and reinforces the First Law of Nature. The Constitution was conceived by the people and for the people, placing literal and enforceable limitations upon government. Additionally: Our Constitution is not symbolic of reluctant submission to individual liberties. To the contrary, our Founding Fathers heartedly endorsed the attributes of self_responsibility and individualism. Nor was the Constitution ever intended to be__as Socialist activism so absurdly argues__"a living, breathing document," with the potential of transforming unalienable rights into privileges. Authentic representation and enforcement of constitutional principles defend the people from tyranny by our government.

In accordance with my understanding of their intent and doctrines, the spirits of our Founding Fathers grieve as this formerly brave populace now lives in fear and under the yoke of an oppressive Socialist government, where our national and individual sovereignty flutters precariously in the wind. They behold this bureaucracy as wasteful, incompetent, corrupt, and obscene. Our constitutionalist Fathers are troubled, as they further see this once noble nation of patriotic and pioneering citizens now betrayed by an imperialist warmongering president, unscrupulous politicians, and other cowardly federal bureaucrats.

The establishment of our Constitution demanded the display of courage and vigilance by a well_armed citizenry; its continued integrity will necessitate the same. Look around you. Be observant! Question all actions of government and propaganda from the unethical news media. Fear, denials, and escapism will not reward you with liberty; every gain demands a sacrifice. The original pioneering spirit of revolutionary America must be revived both within our hearts and national consciousness.  

"I have said that the Declaration of Independence is the ring_bolt to the chain of your nation's destiny; so, indeed, I regard it. The principles contained in that instrument are saving principles. Stand by those principles, be true to them on all occasions, in all places, against all foes, and at whatever cost."__Frederick Douglass

Declaration of Independence: "WE hold these Truths to be self_evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness__That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness."

If not already aware that the Declaration of Independence was directed towards King George the Third, I would be convinced that the signers were addressing our own suffocating government. Our government__in its oppression of the people that formed it__has far exceeded the tyranny of Britain. As a citizen of this misused nation, my duty requires that I ask if it is now time for "the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government"? Do we the people need a second Declaration of Independence?

 "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable."__John F. Kennedy, White House speech [1962]

Our nation__intended as a Constitutional Republic__is in distress. And, not surprisingly, two paramount questions persist; requiring wisdom followed by courage, resolve, and strength. As did King George the Third, have our elected and appointed servants become so arrogant, and moved beyond the realm of reason, thereby compelling the formation of a new government by the people? If not, can we optimistically anticipate that restoration will be achieved through principled congressional intervention?

Regarding either potential, a large segment of the population shares similar anxieties yet remains ostensibly tranquil. For these patient but also determined individuals, the demoralizing and debilitating influences of Socialism will soon become unbearable. For the security of our nation, politicians must no longer ridicule such concerns as being irrelevant, nor be permitted to place their self_serving interests above the rights of the people and the Constitution. For a servant to mock his master's anger is damn unwise.

Millions of honorable Americans fear and mistrust our government for several valid and obvious reasons. Such nationwide anxieties were never intended by our Founding Fathers. As a mass consciousness, this environment is preposterous, unhealthy, and intolerable. We the people have foolishly nurtured this parasitic bureaucracy, and it is now our duty to starve it. If we fail to acquire the necessary courage and fall short of this defensive responsibility, it will surely suck life's freedoms from our children and theirs.

"Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily lives, and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom."__John F. Kennedy

To say that I hate government would be inaccurate; it is a machine. For the efficient performance of any society government is necessary, but its power and interference with the owner/operator must be constrained. I have never authorized politicians to exercise a power of attorney over my professional or personal affairs. Nor have I ever relinquished my unalienable rights to the same in order to ensure my safety or for any other reason. All self_governing patriotic Americans are duty_bound to publicly condemn and resist unconstitutional intrusions.

Authority to enact and enforce unconstitutional law if nonexistent. Such laws are sustained through corrupt court judges, with the further threat of a federal gun. I refuse to conceal my contempt for subjugators of a sovereign people. When they are not enslaving us through taxation, they are busily forging our chains of enfeebling and imprisoning Socialist legislation. They have disgraced and sold us into a lifetime of servitude to Bully_Brother. Their fraudulent conduct has become the rule rather than the exception. It must stop! Self_preservation demands that these unstable mentalities be removed from office. Today, most politicians and bureaucrats are either unscrupulous or incompetent and should step down from their gilded pedestals. If they refuse, we the people must attempt to constitutionally expel them through impeachment and prosecution, or the ballot box.

There is nothing moral in our government forcibly taking from the earners and builders of this nation and then doling out the booty to the undeserving. This practice is socialistic, but properly called extortion. The United States Constitution does not recognize a Socialist form of government. Liberty has no correspondence with Socialism! Any suggestions or attempts to make changes in the direction of Socialism quell the American Dream; they are treasonous to the genuine patriots of our nation. This nation belongs to the sovereign people; not the government. And government becomes the oppressor when we the people__supported by constitutional law__judge it to be so. Under its present corrupt influence, I judge this government to be a subverter of the United States Constitution, a despoiler of morality, and a menace to our children's future.

In order to maintain harmony with my conscience, I refuse to aid and abet out_of_control government by cooperating with federal agencies that were established in violation of the Constitution, or have a history of incompetent and criminal behavior. Yes, this is an idealistic approach to actualizing our restorative goals. And, ideals seldom become a reality. Mohandas Gandhi was a leader who did succeed in ending the oppression of his people through passive resistance. However, regardless of their praiseworthy efforts for a peaceful conclusion, George Washington and thousands of other revolutionary heroes were unable to secure liberty without the use of force. Today, there is another segment of our population that is outwardly less tranquil and nearing the breaking point of patience. To these conscientious free_spirited individualists, I will suggest that all avenues offering potentials for peaceful remedies must first be explored. Some will argue that when the pen runs dry, the sword must then deliver the message. Find more ink, and shield Excalibur for the present. Perhaps, the costly and irreversible consequences of extreme measures that both sides will bear can be avoided. In either event, truth and honor are on the side of liberty_committed_patriots; federal bureaucrats have neither. Mindful of the suffering and sacrifices endured by our forefathers, the bottom line nevertheless remains. Our Sovereign Constitutional Republic must be restored, "at whatever cost."

Our liberty_committed Fathers were slanderously labeled and prosecuted by the British Empire as traitors and terrorists. Many lost their property or were put to death as a result. Our government__spurred by the "New World Order" policies of the current and past two administrations__will do no less in order to halt resistance to its unconstitutional behavior, and destroy our present_day defenders of freedom. Do not permit this government and media to divert your attention elsewhere. Shun these bureaucrats and their Socialist media conspirators when they identify your next friend or foe. Consult your conscience before condemning genuine American patriots who are willing to fight, and die for freedom and constitutional principles. Indeed, they stand between us and enslavement. Many have already lost their upright reputations, basic comforts, and property; some have had their lives taken from them. We must honor and support these brave patriots; they are our fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters.

Government is the master of prevarication, and can easily deceive the unwitting. It is doing so now in regards to pre_knowledge of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Again, do not accept my words as fact, but I beseech all honorable Americans to seek and demand the truth regarding government deception. Use your own intelligence to discover these facts. You take responsibility! You investigate! You be the judge! If we are serious about having victorious results in this war on terrorism, then we must be scrupulously informed, consistent, and thorough in every action. Every source of terrorism must be identified and eradicated. Except for the strategy to be used in this war, it is irrelevant whether the lethal attacks directed towards the citizenry stems from foreign invaders, domestic militants, or treasonous government officials.

Seek reliable information and evidence from the following independent sources: "The Sierra Times (J. J. Johnson)," "Keep and Bear Arms (Angel Shamaya)," "We the People Congress (Devvy Kidd)," and numerous others. The directors of these Internet publications and patriotic activist associations are liberty_committed_patriots who will never become offended or evasive when questioned. For them, truth is a breath of fresh air. Investigate the creditability of these information outlets for yourselves.


"Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice; Moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue."__The late Senator, Barry Goldwater

Democrat and Republican loyalists are destroying our nation. The general elections will provide us with the opportunity to topple George Bush from his imperial throne, oust all cowardly Representatives, and hold one_third of the Senators accountable for their treasonous deeds. By reelecting over and over again, politicians with unchanging impoverished  ethics, we cannot logically entertain thoughts of justice, freedom, or the constitutional restoration of government. Such expectations are childish at best. At the worst, they are insane. Not one campaign trail that we have followed thus far has led us to a fruitful end. If we want positive change then it is essential that citizens with constitutionalist or libertarian values be elected. Government is ponderous, and our constitutional foundation is crumbling; unless we the people quickly downsize government, the rubble that it sits upon will be our children's future.

Compelled by our sense of justice and loyalty to the principles of the Constitution, we must go to the aid of those honest fellow Americans who are oppressed by government. Legal advice and financial assistance can be provided through public funding. A voluntary national organization should be under consideration.

President Bush now encourages citizens to spy and inform on their neighbors for a number of government concocted unpatriotic infractions. And, children are counseled by school authorities to report the questionable activities of their parents. There appears to be no end to these invasive tactics. The expansion of a national database is continuously discussed in Congress. Under the direction of Bush's chief stalker, Vice Adm. John Poindexter__a convicted perjurer appointed by the President__the Pentagon's Information Awareness Office will further collect and permanently maintain personal and professional records on every American citizen. Bureaucrats will rely upon this unconstitutional database heavily in order to bolster their control over the masses.

We also have the expertise to develop a national database. Ours, however, will be a citizen_operated, federal malfeasance alert system. Reports from citizens regarding unlawful assaults, unconstitutional searches, and violent property seizures will be maintained. This national alert system can further include summaries of incidents, and all gathered intelligence pertaining to the offenders. This vital task must be added to our "Neighborhood Watch" program. In order to achieve widespread exposure, a subscriber list can be offered along with a newsletter. Citizens should document every personally witnessed suspicious activity by representatives of government, and all contacts from law enforcement agencies. For your legal and physical protection, do not hesitate to use video or voice recording equipment. Be prepared! When possible, retain the services of reputable attorneys who specialize in civil rights issues and constitutional law. We now have superior power. It must be effectively used, or we will soon loose it.

Rebellious elected and appointed officials have inundated the people with criminal and unconstitutional activities. Unchanged by evidence in the people's favor, government remains unresponsive to our petitions for redress of grievances. In their conspiracy to obstruct justice, George Bush, John Ashcroft, and the federal judges refuse to administer punishment on the behalf of citizens. Our reaction to their obstructionist behavior must come in the form of unmistakable national outrage. Demand that Grand Juries of the fifty Sovereign States be convened to hear cases, and issue indictments when state laws are violated. Additionally: Tribunals comprised of non_governmental citizens should be convened. Public impeachments for malfeasance in office can be heard, exposing the most egregious of felons. Ongoing citizen_directed tribunals will create a national awareness of their offenses against the people, the Constitution, and our Republic.

I realize that the above proposals will appear extreme or even foolish to many readers. Until the government atrocities at Waco occurred, I would have agreed on both counts. This massacre was like a tank proceeding in my direction, and it ignited my everlasting attention. On that calamitous day, all Americans along with the Bill of Rights became casualties of our rebellious government. To these barbaric federal invaders, their victims were acceptable collateral damage in the government's war on sovereignty and nonconformity. They are determined to enforce bureaucratically prescribed social and political standards regardless of lost lives. Three short statements by President Bush were absolutely true: "This is a new age," "We are at war," and "We must be vigilant." The responsibility falls upon the people to determine the true identity and strategy of their enemy. Unless the above mentioned or other nonviolent tactics succeed in preventing acts of war against the people, the ugliest effects of extremism will eventually become major distractions in our daily lives. No measure of hope will save us. The people can either accept or refute the soundness of my advice.

"United We Stand" is the trendy motto proudly displayed on our homes, automobiles, and clothing. Obviously, the intent behind national unity is not always honorable. The citizens of Nazi Germany were patriots who stood united with their dictator for the "Fatherland" purpose of world enslavement. The patriotic people of "Motherland" Russia also united with their tyrannical leaders in order to force a single ideology upon other sovereign nations. For what purpose do we stand united? Do we stand united with honor and courage, as patriots in defense of our liberty and the American way, or as a mob with cowardly intent; refusing to seek out and eradicate the actual corrupting influences within our "Homeland"? Indeed, Lady Liberty once inspired freedom within our hearts and in the very fabric of our unique and wholesome nation. We now look upon her as a threat and an enabler of terrorism. Her promise of liberty frightens us. There are too many hazards and complications involved when we are a free society. And, responsibility for our lives would be a demanding prerequisite. With the folly of mob hysteria, we did indeed lynch Lady Liberty. Given this reckless disregard for our precious freedoms, how can we remain as patriots with virtuous purpose? I think that we will not. This magnificent Lady with grace and dignity, who once beheld this nation as worthy of her keeping, will truly be missed. I have a deep sense of loss and foreboding. Can we regain our patriotic courage and honor? Our task is monumental but not impossible.

"Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster, and what has happened once in 6000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world."__Daniel Webster

Perhaps the wisdom and courage of our forefathers will be of further inspiration to all concerned and honorable Americans. I call upon my brothers and sisters of good heart to adopt a no_compromise, patriotic stance, and eradicate Socialism from our land. If we are unable to effectively direct such inspiration, I fear that our Sovereign Constitutional Republic, along with freedom, will be lost to the ages. For the preservation of our nation, human rights, family, and self, do give this advisory ample consideration. Be informed; stand armed, vigilant, and free.

"We must, indeed, all hang together or most assuredly, we shall all hang separately."__Benjamin Franklin

I have one final message for those members of religious and political factions who demand their freedoms but unhesitatingly and hypocritically encroach upon the rights of others. Bear in mind that unless we can allow our neighbor to live in freedom, we will surely sacrifice our own liberties. Sooner or later__with the assistance of government__someone will determine that a few of your unalienable rights are not necessary in this pursuit for happiness. We are all guilty in some degree for using this government machine to impose our will upon fellow Americans. Most of us have also been unjustly controlled by such actions of others. And yet, identifying with their resistance is beyond our ability. Our way is absolute; we remain doggedly convinced of our own correctness. Regardless of the misery that we create for others, we are compelled to secure our ill_gotten position at the top.

Is our appetite for power and recognition beyond control? Do our egos demand that we suppress the rights of others? Or, is it that we are empty and insecure within, and must convince the weak of our superiority in order to experience emotional satisfaction and potency? Do what you will, but encroach upon no other. Instead of traveling this sensible path of human interaction, we assault everyone's principles and lifestyles with our religious beliefs, social preferences, and political ideals, arrogantly demanding that they be grateful for our meddling ways. And, we do so in the most oppressive of manners; partisan legislation ultimately enforced by the guns of government. Be certain, that for every piece of your special_interest legislation, someone other than you will pay the price, and bear the additional burden throughout life. When we stand unified, refusing to interfere with the lives of others, there will be freedom for all. Not until! Unless oppressive government__further encouraged by our intrusive ways__is removed from the equation, none of us will be free.

Unwittingly, we are placing the shackles of slavery on our children. Perhaps, it is beyond our capabilities or perceived individual interests to express unconditional love to all of humanity. It is a goal that I personally find difficult to achieve. I do know, however, that it is well within our grasp to unite in defense of national freedom. Regardless of our religious or political affiliations, have we not yet endured enough bureaucratic molestation? How much more abuse will be necessary before the blood of our fragmented fellow Americans begins to boil in unison? When will we the people of this nation stand in agreement and in full force, in our common struggle for liberty? We must join forces and throw off this bureaucratic yoke of enslavement, and reclaim our constitutional authority. We cannot afford to waste our time, resources, and energies by dwelling upon inequities of the past. Freedom must be enjoyed and defended by everyone. Forget our conflicts, or at least place them on hold. Do not be distracted! Focus on the most malignant of cancers in our nation. Socialism! Our illness is grave and we can no longer ignore the difficult yet certain cure of liberty_committed_solidarity. Without detour, we are rapidly approaching the point of no return.

I live my life, and interfere with no other. Unless this Republic is under threat, my rights are encroached upon, or the people's freedoms are placed in jeopardy, my life is not driven by the actions, beliefs, or lifestyles of others. I refuse to pledge fidelity to any authoritative religious belief or political party. I will, nonetheless, defend with dedication and ferocity, the principles and intent behind the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. I am a former sheriff's detective, and have participated in hundreds of criminal investigations including armed robbery, felonious assault, homicide, child abuse, and rape. Having tired of the political elbowing within this profession__with pleasure__I now indulge in the sculpting of nudes, wildlife, and portraiture. To this day, however, I experience a sense of duty to the public safety but not at the expense of my liberties.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."__Benjamin Franklin [1759]

Copyright 1 2003 by Sergei Borglum Hoff
All rights reserved
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